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07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
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comercole 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
yoooo and we are done!!!!
Pixel Moonlight 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
He lied???
TheGoodraGamer 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Pok (Guest) 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Welp, i has to eons thing to say, frick
Umbreon5456 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Called it. DER U R DED
Trainer 667 (Guest) 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
SuperbroRules25 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
I am confusion
Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Crisp (Guest) 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Xael is going to be angry at them if his friends are harmed further.
cat mastermv 07pm30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 pm');
Tactical picachu incoming!!!!!
Ark Bluegate 08am30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 am');
Cod memes are coming
Flareon1225 08am30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 am');
They will not be ded. They have the protagonist shield
PokeMash 08pm30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 pm');
OML Alex is going to be soooooo pissed when he recovers
Julian or Yoshidakid 08pm30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 pm');
Xael casually watches friend get crushed by a tree
Pok (Guest) 08pm30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 pm');
I want to be under that tree. I’m am depressed. Not joking btw.
Julian or Yoshidakid 09pm30America/Chicago('September Monday 2019 pm');
Pok (Guest) 17pm30America/Chicago('September Tuesday 2019 pm');
Pok (Guest) 17pm30America/Chicago('September Tuesday 2019 pm');
Still not joking btw)
Julian or Yoshidakid 17pm30America/Chicago('September Tuesday 2019 pm');
Pok (Guest) 22pm30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 pm');
Do I need a therapist? (not joking still. If I say things like this, I’m not joking around)
Julian or Yoshidakid 25pm30America/Chicago('September Wednesday 2019 pm');
Please get a therapist if this is serious :(
Pok (Guest) 25pm30America/Chicago('September Wednesday 2019 pm');
Recommendations? (Ok now I’m joking! I’m now back to my happy and cheerful self! I have those moments sometimes. Sorry if u were worried about me! So sorry if I scared u!)
Julian or Yoshidakid 09am31America/Chicago('October Wednesday 2019 am');
Ok good
Pok (Guest) 09pm31America/Chicago('October Wednesday 2019 pm');
Yeah... sorry bout dat
Julian or Yoshidakid 10am31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 am');
Donr worry me again :c
Pok (Guest) 11am31America/Chicago('October Friday 2019 am');
I am the sorriest I’ve ever been! :C
Julian or Yoshidakid 11am31America/Chicago('October Friday 2019 am');
Tis okie
Pok (Guest) 14pm31America/Chicago('October Monday 2019 pm');
Pok91169 20pm31America/Chicago('October Sunday 2019 pm');
Dude I just got me account! How do I get my profile pic?
Pok91169 20pm31America/Chicago('October Sunday 2019 pm');
Nvm I got it
Julian or Yoshidakid 21pm31America/Chicago('October Monday 2019 pm');
Pok91169 27pm31America/Chicago('October Sunday 2019 pm');
Chespin 09am30America/Chicago('September Monday 2019 am');
I am currently flabbergasted
PokeMash 10pm30America/Chicago('September Tuesday 2019 pm');
@Flareon1225 I do believe that means nothing I've seen major protagonist die in some cases :/
Flareon1225 12am30America/Chicago('September Thursday 2019 am');
@PokeMash: Sometimes. But most of the time nope
Crisp (Guest) 11am30America/Chicago('September Wednesday 2019 am');
Please don’t go into hiatus
Trainer 667 (Guest) 11pm30America/Chicago('September Wednesday 2019 pm');
I know why xael is taking so long

It’s cus there still recovering from the tree
Brandon Hill (Guest) 21am30America/Chicago('September Saturday 2019 am');
Firestar1224 03am31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 am');
And then they called died the end
Pok (Guest) 04am31America/Chicago('October Friday 2019 am');
LuckTheLuxray 04am31America/Chicago('October Friday 2019 am');
Very impresive :v
Firestar1224 07pm31America/Chicago('October Monday 2019 pm');
Is this comic dead or did the creator just have not updated it yet ???
JREZZ_The_Greninja 09am31America/Chicago('October Wednesday 2019 am');
@Firestar1224: apparently it only updates 3 times in 1 month
LuckTheLuxray 10am31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 am');
LuckTheLuxray 10am31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 am');
O M G!
Firestar1224 10pm31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 pm');
So the comics not dead but the Pokemon are
Julian or Yoshidakid 11am31America/Chicago('October Friday 2019 am');
Well people are impatient
Pok (Guest) 14pm31America/Chicago('October Monday 2019 pm');
Ikr. But it has taking awhile, I wonder if the author is doing ok
Yellowflashchampion 12pm31America/Chicago('October Saturday 2019 pm');
He came in for the rescue but landed in the wrong place🦊🦊 31pm31America/Chicago('October Thursday 2019 pm');
Wut happened??!? Wut happennnnnnnned!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!
Yellowflashchampion 05am30America/Chicago('November Tuesday 2019 am');

If you question it look at victory fire comic on smack jeeves
Gman (Guest) 10am30America/Chicago('November Sunday 2019 am');
I got pmd victory fire bookmarked and sometimes check to no avail.
Pok91169 15pm30America/Chicago('November Friday 2019 pm');
This page will hav over 100 comments soon
Firestar1224 17am30America/Chicago('November Sunday 2019 am');
When will this update???
Thundor the Jolteon 18pm30America/Chicago('November Monday 2019 pm');
@Deathxael what happened?