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Aezae's Tales Chapter 4 Page 53

08pm31America/Chicago('March Friday 2019 pm');
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Farout656 08pm31America/Chicago('March Friday 2019 pm');
Dum dum dum!!!!! Cliffhanger.
The outsider 09pm31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 pm');
Drama incoming
Lokitheveganswampert666 08pm31America/Chicago('March Friday 2019 pm');
Team cliffhanger
pixlyJolt 08pm31America/Chicago('March Friday 2019 pm');
Whirlwind Toby
FormalPeanut 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
I think it's really impressive that he can write on limp paper with a pencil without anything to prop it up.
AssaultBird2454 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
I think it’s shocking actually ;)
Pixel Moonlight 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
Thats what I was going to say
Garchomp joe ;D. 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
Team Applesauce?
comercole 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
can't wait.
Guest 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
Brandon Hill (Guest) 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
Pandemiccarp743 09am31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 am');
Aaaaaagh wth why why why why whu a clifhanger
SylveonLover246 (Guest) 09pm31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 pm');
I see Toby is using his new ability. XD
Guest 11am31America/Chicago('March Monday 2019 am');
Omg I didn't even notice that XDDD
ELECTRICFirewolf 09pm31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 pm');
New ability! Use cliffhanger!
The outsider 09pm31America/Chicago('March Saturday 2019 pm');
How are there two arks
Spatan98 10am31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 am');
Team Pizza Party
Shadow_Strikr 10am31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 am');
…seriously? Cliffhanger?
I don’t have the grip to hold on like this [insert hyperbole here]
DarkFlameOSecrets 10am31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 am');
The outsider 10am31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 am');
Julian or Yoshidakid 10am31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 am');
Team Aezae
Braixen Love 10pm31America/Chicago('March Sunday 2019 pm');
@Julian or Yoshidakid: That name might seem reasonable and the entire comic is called Aezae's Tales but Aezae didn't start the group and was hesitant to join it in the first place but it is a good guess
Julian or Yoshidakid 12pm31America/Chicago('March Tuesday 2019 pm');
You mean Xael?
RockyDrago 13am31America/Chicago('March Wednesday 2019 am');
@Braixen Love: Aezae is the place
Pixel Brush 11pm31America/Chicago('March Monday 2019 pm');
Team The Adventures of Pixel and Kyle.
Boom. I’m a genius.
Braixen Love 13pm31America/Chicago('March Wednesday 2019 pm');
@Pixel Brush: oops yeah sounds about like me to do something like that I forget everything I have to read pages twice before i consume even a little information and even when I think I'm right I'm usually wrong so yeah it does work really well sorry
Saytius 12pm31America/Chicago('March Tuesday 2019 pm');
Amazing comic with good story line and if i can ask... What is "soul destruction team"?
RockyDrago 13am31America/Chicago('March Wednesday 2019 am');
Probably his old team name
SylveonLover246 (Guest) 13pm31America/Chicago('March Wednesday 2019 pm');
Yep you can read the under the tree comic to find out more.