Aezae's Tales

Aezae's Tales Chapter 5 Page 26

04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
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comercole 04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
that's scary i hope she is not an annoyance.
AssaultBird2454 04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
A new challenger approaches!
Pok (Guest) 19pm31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 pm');
Pixel Moonlight 04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
Trainer 667 (Guest) 04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
It’s jolty! or was it volty ?
pixlyJolt 05am31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 am');
You called?
Weaselcheez 04am31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 am');
I think He likes his knew hat
Julian or Yoshidakid 04pm31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 pm');
This looks familiar.. hi Jolty!
Cj dizzle 03pm31America/Chicago('August Saturday 2019 pm');
Hello I am very scared of you
Julian or Yoshidakid 04pm31America/Chicago('August Sunday 2019 pm');
The outsider 04pm31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 pm');
Never seen that tipe of pokemon before can someone tell me what it is
Julian or Yoshidakid 04pm31America/Chicago('May Saturday 2019 pm');
He's a Joltik :D
The outsider 10am31America/Chicago('May Friday 2019 am');
That is one small joltic
Guest 05am31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 am');
What the hell was that joltic excepting
Flareon1225 05am31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 am');
Jesus Christ, send him to the insane asylum!
Julian or Yoshidakid 05am31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 am');
Which one Jolty or Alex?
Flareon1225 06am31America/Chicago('May Monday 2019 am');
Pandemiccarp743 05pm31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 pm');
Aaaahh the sky is falling
Moon creechor (Guest) 05pm31America/Chicago('May Sunday 2019 pm');
Shadow_Strikr 06pm31America/Chicago('May Monday 2019 pm');
That sly wink in the second panel xD
comercole 12pm31America/Chicago('August Monday 2019 pm');
@Eeva the Eevee: oh that's right.
Guest 12pm31America/Chicago('October Saturday 2019 pm');
Wow. Literally HIF haha