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Aezae's Tales Chapter 5 Page 55

13am31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 am');
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DarkFlameOSecrets 13am31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 am');
That’s a lot of water
comercole 13am31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 am');
yay water!!!!
Julian or Yoshidakid 13am31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 am');
Le splashie :3
Brandon Hill (Guest) 20pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Le Splash
Julian or Yoshidakid 20pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
Le splashh
Pok (Guest) 20pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
Le sploosh
Julian or Yoshidakid 21am31America/Chicago('July Sunday 2019 am');
Le spashe
Brandon Hill (Guest) 21am31America/Chicago('July Sunday 2019 am');
@Julian or Yoshidakid: ZA SPURASHU OwO
Julian or Yoshidakid 23am31America/Chicago('July Tuesday 2019 am');
Brandon Hill (Guest) 23am31America/Chicago('July Tuesday 2019 am');
Julian or Yoshidakid 23pm31America/Chicago('July Tuesday 2019 pm');
Flareon1225 13am31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 am');
Reeeeaaaallly tho???
Lokitheveganswampert666 13pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
???: Used freeze dry Lethal fainted
Umbreon5456 13pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
GearTech147 13pm31America/Chicago('July Saturday 2019 pm');
7.8 out of 10, too much water.
Julian or Yoshidakid 14pm31America/Chicago('July Sunday 2019 pm');
Brandon Hill (Guest) 03pm31America/Chicago('August Saturday 2019 pm');
Pok (Guest) 16pm31America/Chicago('July Tuesday 2019 pm');
New guy (Guest) 17pm31America/Chicago('July Wednesday 2019 pm');
Weaselcheez 23pm31America/Chicago('July Tuesday 2019 pm');
That evil buizel from before is down there
Julian or Yoshidakid 24pm31America/Chicago('July Wednesday 2019 pm');
Julian or Yoshidakid 25pm31America/Chicago('July Thursday 2019 pm');
I have no idea;-;
Pok (Guest) 26pm31America/Chicago('July Friday 2019 pm');
U can use Facebook or Snapchat or somethin like that :/
Julian or Yoshidakid 26pm31America/Chicago('July Friday 2019 pm');
:p I dont have either
Brandon Hill (Guest) 07am31America/Chicago('August Wednesday 2019 am');
Back at it again with the weird body proportions. Lethal looking SLIMM owo