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Aezae's Tales Chapter 5 Page 68

22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
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DarkFlameOSecrets 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
Who’s that Pokémon?
comercole 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
that mew.
Umbreon5456 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
@comercole: I don't think that's mew but... what do I know, xD
DarkFireEevee 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
Btw anyone notice the Ziggy reference in here?
It was coolly!
KY23 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
My one side: A mew.
My other side: COOLLY
Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
Oh ya it does look like mew
Guest 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
Look at the eyes.
hchung1 22am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
It was the mew that met with Ace
Trainer 667 (Guest) 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
Lethal is Izzy confirmed
Runelord 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
Rip eevee whos name I immediately forgot, hope you get better
Ark Bluegate 02am30America/Chicago('September Monday 2019 am');
Brandon Hill (Guest) 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
That mew tho (ANOTHER new character!?)
Julian or Yoshidakid 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
Julian or Yoshidakid 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
I'm starting to think either this is an alternate universe cleverly plotted or is happening around the same time as "Hope in friends"
Pok (Guest) 23am31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 am');
Julian or Yoshidakid 23pm31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 pm');
Dang that was meant for a reply
ThatRandomPersonHere 22pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
That is probably NOT a mew! that's really rare, rather it probably be a pokemon that can morph like Zorua or Zoroark
DarkFireEevee 23am31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 am');
I am DarkFireEevee a member of the Izzy cult join us!!
ThatRandomPersonHere 23pm31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 pm');
@DarkFireEevee: Very confusion.
Trainer 667 (Guest) 24am31America/Chicago('August Saturday 2019 am');
YoU donT KnoW THe IzzY CuLt?!?!??!
Truefan108 23am31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 am');
Leathal used the word!!
Pok (Guest) 23am31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 am');
What is this coolly thing about?
Julian or Yoshidakid 23pm31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 pm');
@Pok It's another (very similar) webcomic on deviant art and they sometimes have cameos to each other Soo idk
Pok (Guest) 29am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
What’s comic name
Julian or Yoshidakid 29am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
"Hope in friends" By Zander-The-Artist
Guest 23pm31America/Chicago('August Friday 2019 pm');
He was asking coolly to watch them
DarkFireEevee 24am31America/Chicago('August Saturday 2019 am');
Julian or Yoshidakid 29pm31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 pm');
Minin (Guest) 24pm31America/Chicago('August Saturday 2019 pm');
Keegon 29am31America/Chicago('August Thursday 2019 am');
nice comics I love all of your comics
Trainer 667 (Guest) 01am30America/Chicago('September Sunday 2019 am');
W8 this chapter is called the shocking truth and lethal said copy so maby this is hope in friends au but Izzy is a boy so maby lethal is izzy
PokeMash 03pm30America/Chicago('September Tuesday 2019 pm');
@Deathxael did u stop making these it's fine if u did I just need to know so I don't check everyday I'm worried